Non Profit Community-Owned Gardens in Lakeland, Florida


The Backyard Community Gardens will be a place for Lakelanders to come together and grow their own food. It is our absolute mission to make locally and organically grown food more accessible to the community. We feel strongly that organic and sustainable growing practices are vital to protecting the environment and human health.

Florida’s waterways, wildlife, and land are repeatedly challenged by commercial farming practices. By the over-use of fertilizers and irrigation, the application of synthetic pesticides, and the disregard for natural ecosystems, our drinking water and Florida’s diverse habitats continue to be endangered.

The Backyard wants to re-introduce the concept of growing your own food, in your own backyard (those without one, use ours!), using organic gardening practices, to help combat irresponsible farming practices, but also to promote healthy living. It’s important not only to eat more fresh produce everyday, but to know what is in (and on) your food. Some members of our wonderful team have personally lost loved ones to disease that is directly linked to poor nutrition and diet.


Donation Drop Off Day

Hey, Lakeland community! We'll take your "junk"! The Backyard is hosting an official Donation Drop Off Day for those of you who have expressed interested in donating any of the following items: Gardening tools, such as trowels, shovels, spades, hoes, hand pruners,...

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Volunteer for The Backyard Build Out

IT'S HAPPENING! Saturday, July 22nd will be the BIG day and we're looking for 20 volunteers to help us get started! The Backyard Community Gardens Build Out will take place from 8am - 12pm and prior knowledge of power tools is not required (we'll give you a crash...

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