Good evening Backyard Family,

The past few weeks we’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many incredible people in our community. The love, support, and constructive feedback we’ve received have been overwhelming and inspiring, and we can’t thank you all enough for reaching out to us and pushing us through this journey.

With that said, we’re overjoyed to announce that our Kickstarter is now 77% funded! We’re unable to find the right words to properly thank all of you, but we hope we can show our gratitude with beautiful garden spaces, well-rounded educational programs, and an end to Polk County’s food desert.

We have only a couple of weeks remaining to meet our goal — which is all or nothing — so please continue to share our Kickstarter and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or all of the above!

Thank you so much and have a fantastic weekend!

– The Backyard Team