It’s HAPPENING! Saturday, February 17th will be the BIG day and we’re looking for volunteers to help us get started! The Backyard Community Gardens Build Out (take 2) will take place from 8am – 12pm and prior knowledge of power tools is not required (we’ll give you a crash course).

We’re also looking for extra tools to use for the event. Please include details in the comment section if you are able to bring along any of the following:

  • Power drills (especially cordless)
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Shovels
Please Note: Children ages 10 years or older are welcome to join us at the build-out event as long as they’re supervised by an adult! Since this particular event will focus on constructing raised garden beds using tools and hardware, we won’t have specific kid-friendly activities for younger children, but we would love to give kids ages 10+ the opportunity to see what it’s like to volunteer for their community, and to learn a bit about power tools!

Event Time
Saturday, February 17th
8am – 12pm

The Plan
The Backyard Community Garden will feature 21 individual garden beds (hey, that’s a lot!) for anyone in the community to “rent out” and grow their own food. So, the purpose of this “Build Out” event is to crank out as many 4 ft. x 4 ft. raised garden beds as we possibly can — in four hours! If we have time, we will also be working on shoveling dirt into the garden beds once they are built. We will have several “building stations” set up and we’ll be guiding everyone through the process of building raised beds. If you have experience building something like this and/or using power tools, that’s GREAT! Otherwise, don’t worry, not even for a moment — we will give you a crash course and you’ll be a garden bed-building expert by 12pm on Saturday. 😉

To thank our volunteers, we will be providing granola bars and fresh fruit for your snacking pleasure, as well as LOTS of water. 😉 We wanna keep you hydrated and energized!

There are no restrooms in The Backyard space. There are public restrooms available in Holloway Park, which is a 5-10 minute walk from the property. There is also a Wawa nearby, which you can drive to, if preferred.

We will be working outdoors in partial to full sun (with shaded areas to rest!), so please be sure to wear breathable clothing, such as active wear, so that you are as comfortable as possible during the event. Also, please wear closed-toed shoes for your safety (such as tennis shoes).

What To Bring

  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Head protection (only if desired, but it is recommended)
  • Personal water bottle to refill (only if desired — we will provide cups for our volunteers, but also the ability to refill your own water bottle, as another sustainable option for you)
  • There will be seating, but it will be somewhat limited, so please bring along your own portable chairs if you have them!

Event Location & Parking

The Backyard Build Out will take place in our to-be community garden space at the following address:

2433 Marion Dr
Lakeland, FL 33803

Please see images below for parking information.

The primary parking area will be along the street in front of the garden space.

The secondary parking area will be along the street behind the garden space (one street over), and the overflow parking will be in Holloway Park, which is a very short walk from the garden space.

We will be in the garden, ready for you, and easily visible to guide you to the appropriate parking locations as needed.

Primary and Secondary Parking

Primary and Secondary Parking

Overflow Parking

Overflow Parking

A huge thank you in advance to our awesome Backyard family. We can’t wait to make history with you!

– The Backyard Team