Dear Lakeland,

The Backyard Team has decided to close this project and donate the rest of the funds we raised to a local charity in Lakeland (more information on the charity to be announced soon). We made the decision to end the project in the face of several major setbacks we encountered with both the garden space itself, and in our personal lives, with family illness and unexpected career changes.

This decision has not been an easy one for us and, honestly, we are completely heartbroken. The Backyard Team worked so hard to get this project off the ground and continue to move closer and closer to grand opening. We couldn’t possibly have even made it as far as we did without this amazing community. We have so much heartfelt gratitude to Lakeland for affording us the wonderful opportunity to at least try, try to give something back, something that we really believed in.

This has been an exciting, challenging journey for us; many of the challenges we faced, we are incredibly proud that we were able to overcome. We’re honored to have met so many awe-inspiring members of the community, and to have made some new and wonderful friends. We will forever treasure the individuals who have gifted us their time and unrelenting faith in our success.

With eternal gratitude and love,

Savannah & Rose
The Backyard Team