Hey, everyone! We hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend! 

Rose, one of our resident co-founders over here on The Backyard Team, had the incredible opportunity to talk to Stephanie Claytor from Bay News 9 on Friday about our Kickstarter and community garden project. Click here to read the article or tune into Bay News 9 this weekend to find out more about the garden space! 

As of Saturday morning, we are at an AMAZING 37% of our funding goal! This translates to almost $2,000 raised already — with 22 days to go! We can’t thank our wonderful community enough for the support we’ve received thus far.

Please help us share our story so that we can meet our goal and get started on building out an amazing organic garden space for you, the Lakeland community that we so love! 

Peace, love, and veggies, 

– The Backyard Team